Care and Services

To enjoy a wonderfully relaxing time with massages in Provence,
explore the range of treatments offered by Carita/Decléor/SkinCeuticals experts at our b design spa.

Skin Examinations

When you have a treatment session at our
SkinCeuticals/Carita/Declélor spa,
our wellness experts
will offer you a free
©SkinCeuticals skin examination.

The b design SkinCeuticals Spa
is the only spa in Provence
to offer a skin examination before each treatment.

This allows our experts to establish
the best treatment and to decide
on the most suitable products for your skin needs.


As the first SkinCeuticals spa in Provence, our b design spa helps you discover the very best antioxidants in the United States exclusively in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

Discover a wide range of advanced dermo-professional products and treatments based on scientific research that deliver lasting results and give you radiantly healthy skin.



By choosing Carita, spa b design has selected for you high-quality products.

These high-end cosmetics offer different treatments and professional products.

Innovative and available for all skin types, Carita offers personalised body and face care treatments.

Carita welcome products are also offered in our 5-star B Design Hotel.


Decléor specialises in aromatherapy, offering a range of products made from essential oils. Quality and know-how bring out the best in you.

Treat yourself to the expertise of our team of professionals. Decléor treatments offer you the best, to put it simply.

Discover the only Decléor spa in the Provence region now.